Gold: Will it remain an investment of choice?

Gold: Will it remain an investment of choice?

According to analysts, gold rates have reached the tipping point. Gold sentiment is negative and this is a good prospect from a contrarian viewpoint.

Ronald Peter Stoeferle, the managing partner of Incrementum AG, said to David Lin of Kitco News that gold prices will “go to new all-time highs within the next couple of months.”

Stoeferle announced that the financial world had reached a “monetary tipping point”. According to him, there will be an ascendancy for inflation from now onwards. Fiscal policy will take precedence over monetary policy for the markets. Traders and investors will see real interest rates in near-zero or negative territory.

With all the monetary experiments with Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, the financial world is poised for a momentous change. Stoeferle added that Bitcoin is yet to see the next phase of price appreciation. He surmised that prices would reach the zenith if the bitcoin market remained for the coming five to ten years. As against real estate and the bond market, if crypto comes as a hedge against inflation, the potential is beyond what one can imagine at this point in time.

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