PSV Club Enters Into Partnership With Anycoin Exchange

PSV Club Enters Into Partnership With Anycoin Exchange

Announcing its new contract, PSV club has revealed that it has entered into a partnership with a cryptocurrency exchange. The main highlight of this deal is that the full amount of the sponsorship will be paid in Bitcoin. It is important to note that the club will become the first club in the European Union to receive sponsorship amount in cryptocurrency form through this partnership. The deal will be executed through the Anycoin cryptocurrency exchange. 

According to the details available in the public domain, PSV will get the full sponsorship amount in Bitcoin. This is not the first time that the club has explored the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It had already been involved in the non-fungible token category, where a unique digital asset depicting the club’s victory in the 1988 European Cup 1 has been sold. This implies that the club has already got positive exposure to the cryptocurrency domain and by sealing this deal, it is willing to take this experience to the next level. 

The cryptocurrency exchange Anycoin Direct will partner with the club, and for the next two seasons, it has been declared as the club’s official partner. According to the Anycoin cryptocurrency exchange, it has decided to enter into a partnership to widen the awareness of the exchange in Europe. The cryptocurrency exchange is involved in buying and selling services for a total of 28 cryptocurrencies and wants to leverage this association to extend its influence in the European Union region. 

The growing awareness of cryptocurrency and other digital assets like decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFTs is bringing major growth prospects to the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain technology ecosystem. Both the PSV club and the cryptocurrency exchange are looking forward to this association and hope that this agreement will benefit both parties.

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